In Firenze!

My plan to blog a little along the way hasn’t exactly worked out, but I promise to fill you in!  I’m currently on the last leg of my journey, in Florence with fellow Scottie Emma Kearney, an Art History major.  My association with Florence up until this point has been the Broadway musical The Light in the Piazza, but I must say that it’s not entirely unlike the romanticized version in my head.  Tuscany is beautiful, and I have already eaten quite a bit of delicious pasta, pizza and gelato.  I’m getting reading to go see Michelangelo’s David in about an hour, after which we’ll tour the Uffizi Gallery, which according to Emma contains, “about 50 percent of Florence’s art.”

Yesterday was a fun day as well.  I slept in after getting to Florence by plane and train Tuesday evening, then met Emma and two of her roommates at the Duomo, which we climbed for an incredible view of Florence.  We ate delicious panini for lunch, then had tea and warmed up in Emma’s gorgeous apartment (it was raining).  In the afternoon, we went to the market to buy food for dinner.  We made pasta with asparagus and eggplant, which we ate with salad and goat’s cheese.  Then we got inspired.  With the assistance of Emma’s roommate Fran, who’s taking an Italian cooking class, we made pear pecorino tortellini with truffle oil and balsamic cream!  It was stunning.  I can’t wait to show you the pictures of making (and eating) the tortellini!

Just to recap and give you a taste of the what’s to come in my blog, after Amsterdam Kathryn and I spent a day in Brussels, a day in Rennes with our friend Sally, three days in Paris with Sally and three days in London with yet another Scottie, Uyen.  Kathryn flew back to Belfast and took the train to Coleraine, while I flew to Madrid to visit my cousin Anna Burns.  From Madrid, I flew to Pisa and took the train to Florence.

Stay tuned for more Florentine and generally European adventures! 🙂


3 thoughts on “In Firenze!

  1. Ann White says:

    Pear pecorino tortellini with truffle oil and balsamic cream, you say. Will you prepare that for us in Belfast next week?? See you soon!

  2. Cindy Walton says:

    I want some pear pecorino tortellini with truffle oli and balsamic cream too!!

  3. I’ll have to have a tortellini dinner party and invite everyone;)

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