The Life of a Drama Student

I must apologize for my long absence!  I am working backstage for a student production of Fat Pig at Queen’s, so the last couple of weeks have been mad.

My Agnes Scott friend Anna Cabe took the above photo of me at St. George’s Market on Saturday.  The hubbub of the market is a metaphor for the busy schedule I’ve been keeping lately.  In addition to working on Fat Pig, I’ve been working on school assignments, attempting to plan trips and entertaining my lovely friends, Anna visiting from her study abroad post in Glasgow and  Kathryn down from Coleraine just for Saturday.

Our show opens tomorrow, and I’ll try to give an account of my first experience working in a Northern Irish theatre.  I’ll also update (gradually) on my hiking trip in the Mourne Mountains and much more fun around Belfast.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “The Life of a Drama Student

  1. Ann White says:

    Glad you’re not saving all the drama for your mama, but sharing it with everyone!! 🙂

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