Orientation Part 1

Though I was a little late to the first session of orientation, there was no harm done.  We have been bombarded with useful information for most of yesterday and today, everything from Belfast culture and history to Queen’s course registration, to local public safety.  Tonight, we get to celebrate and relax after registering for classes.  There is a Ceili being put on for the international students, which is a traditional Irish meal with lots of music and dancing!  Should be fun, so expect a post tomorrow.

I met with my adviser in the English department yesterday afternoon and pre-registered for classes.  Unsurprisingly, she is a delightful and kind person.  A full course load here is three modules, what we would call courses in the US.  She recommended that I sign up for four modules and pick the three that suit me best, as we were unsure about my pre-requisites for a couple of the options.  I definitely did not meet the pre-req for one of the Drama courses I’m interested in, Applied Theatre, but I am currently enrolled in Shakespeare in Performance, a third-year drama module.  My adviser suggested that once I get to know my Shakespeare teacher, I might gauge whether or not I’d be suited for Applied Theatre.  Applied Theatre is akin to Theatre for Communities, which I’m interested in pursuing in graduate school.

Anyway, in addition to the one Drama module, I’m taking a third year Creative Writing module in Drama, which fulfills my second genre at a 300 level requirement for my Creative Writing major.  Yay!  I’ll likely be working on a play or screenplay this semester.  I’m also enrolled for two literature classes, the Bible and Biblical Literature and Premodern Cultures of Performance.  I’ll have to omit one by February 10, but I’ll attend all four for the next two weeks…starting Monday!

Off to the Ceili!  I must have fun while I can before the homework arrives:)


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