A Weighty Matter

The image above shows the baggage allowances for the British Airways flights that will carry me from Charlotte to Chicago to London to Belfast this coming Tuesday/Wednesday.

While of course I cannot take flammable liquids or solids, toxic substances, explosives, etc, whatever innocent items I DO choose to pack must fit into one 35.5 in x 29.5 in x 16 in x bag that weighs less than 51 pounds.

As I have referred to myself as “Princess” in the title and username of this blog, it would be fair for you to assume that packing fewer than 51 pounds worth of clothes is difficult for me.  But it’s actually going quite well!  My wardrobe is fairly simple, I’ve carefully selected a single pair of pumps (out of several stunning candidates), and I will not be packing a hairdryer or curling iron (I rarely use these items).

Nonetheless, I’m slightly nervous about the weight issue, simply because there is a price for breaking the rule:

The cost of excess.

$60 for an overweight bag.  More than the $49.95 I decided not to pay for adorable lavender corduroy jeggings at Anthropologie this week.  I don’t need lavender pants as much as I need fifty bucks, which translates into slightly more than twenty-five pounds sterling, the currency of Northern Ireland.

So I’ll be weighing the questionable items on my kitchen scale.  I recently weighed three spoons belonging to my Agnes Scott roommate, spoons that I borrowed and inadvertently kept over Christmas.  She will be studying in Coleraine, Northern Ireland this semester (her travel blog in the link: http://adventuresinulster.wordpress.com/), so I’m considering returning them to her across the pond.

Just so you know, Kathryn, they weigh an ounce each.


3 thoughts on “A Weighty Matter

  1. annaisabe says:

    Packing is hard and I hate it. :-/

  2. Kathryn Dean says:

    1-ounce spoons, you say. This is useful information.

    Good luck with packing. I believe in you!

  3. Yes, packing is hard:/
    Thanks for the encouragement, KDean!

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